Getting Intimate

Let's talk healing from betrayal through burlesque with Lora Cheadle

Episode Summary

In this episode I get to sit down with Lora Cheadle who shares her incredible journey of empowerment after infidelity and the unique approach of how burlesque ties into this.

Episode Notes

Okay I've been mega excited about this, because if you're wondering what burlesque has to do with healing infidelity you're in for a big awakening. I sat down with Lora Cheadle a former lawyer who now works with empowering women after betrayal.  
In this episode you'll hear how Lora  helps her clients  to shift devastation into a reclamation of their Naked Self-Worth® so they can find their sparkle, create a life they love, and live every day with enthusiasm and joy.  

Lora Cheadle a former attorney, bestselling author, international speaker, and Life Choreographer® .

She works with women whose lives have been shattered by betrayal – whether that betrayal is from themselves, their body, or someone that they love, and want to turn their situation into a powerful force for good. 
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